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StickSorter elevates your stacker line

StickSorter ensures the quality of your sticks and automatically sorts out those not living up to your expectations. Therefore, you will get a faster, safer and more efficient stacker line, with increased uptime and less manual sorting, resulting in immediate impact on profitability. 

Focusing on speed, precision and ease of use, StickSorter will be a modern element of your sawmill. The system requires very little maintenance, has a low cost of ownership and its function is easily cutomized in a user-friendly interface.

Standout features

Smart detection

A sophisticated, versatile and fast scanning algorithm tracks the defects in your sticks.

Easy to use

With a modern, intuitive user experience, StickSorter is designed for usability.

Fully customizable

Quality tolerances and demands are easily adjusted interactively. With a setting for every defect category, StickSorter lets you define your own level of stick requirements. Or just go with the default settings, they work perfectly well!

Tracking production

Use statistics to analyse your stick usage and track potential bottlenecks.

Smart detection of defects

The quality of your sticks is analysed based on seven defect categories. Besides measuring length, width and thickness, StickSorter also tracks hooks, bends, irregularities and sprains. These are all common abnormalities that cause stoppages, if not sorted out in time. Defective sticks are sorted out by dual pushers immediately after scanning.

Designed for usability

We believe that a system can only reach its full potential with a well-thought-out user experience. StickSorter is easily set up and monitored using a modern, user-friendly touch interface. Every stick is visualized and result, action and any cause of discard are displayed in real-time.

Customers reviews

What people say?

StickSorter has had an significant impact on the number of disturbances and stoppage time.
Ola Emanuelsson
Sawline Supervisor at Moelven Notnäs AB (Nordisk Träteknik, Oct. 13, 2017)